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Wolf in the Snow

Matthew Cordell

Feiwel & Friends
Pages : 48
Suggested Ages: 2 - 6 years old
ISBN: 978-1250076366

A little girl in a red hooded coat, a forest, a big mama wolf, little wolf and many more wolves.  No, this is not a retelling of Little Red Riding Hood.  In fact, this story is the opposite.  Wolf in the Snow is about a young girl who gets lost in a snow storm. At the same time a baby wolf gets lost too. How will they get back home? Will they work together or individually to succeed their goal?

Children find themselves cheering for the little girl AND the little wolf as well as the big wolves. When the little girl reaches out in a blizzard to comfort the lost baby wolf, children are stunned with surprise and disbelief. Everyone knows that little girls should run away from wolves!  When the ferocious looking mama wolf arrives to claim her baby, young listeners fear the worst. Instead of the worst-case scenario occurring, the best happens. In appreciation for the little girl's kindness and compassion, the wolves gather around her and keep her safe until her father comes to rescue her. Even with minimal text, this story rivets children. Kindness and compassion, especially from unexpected sources, bring joy to all of us. This picture book is appropriate for children ages 4-7-and everyone else.

Reviewed by : Fran Hawk

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Critics have said

"This nearly wordless picture book is a tender, never precious story of kindness and cooperation. Expect this wintry tale to bring only warmth."--Booklist, starred review

""Cordell’s landscapes do a wonderful job showing the vastness and desperation of the girl’s journey, his blended watercolors of the snow and trees adding eloquence to the experience. A heartwarming adventure about helping others, best shared one-on-one to pore over the engaging images."--School Library Journal, starred review

"A near-wordless story of kindness repaid.... What distinguishes this book are the many feelings that Cordell's pen-and-ink-with-watercolor illustrations capture so well―cold, fear, courage, exhaustion, relief―keeping readers hooked to the end. Deeply satisfying."--Kirkus Reviews, starred review

"Beautifully paced....ultimately reassuring."--Wall Street Journal