Great Illustrated Books

Vulture View

By April Pulley Sayre, Illustrated by Steve Jenkins

Henry Holt and Co., 2007
Pages : 32
Suggested Ages: 3-7
ISBN: 9780805075571

Open this sweeping, soaring overview of turkey vultures and you'll sigh, it's so ravishing. You never thought you'd care about those scavengers you've probably seen swooping high above the highways, but the combination of the easy-to-read poetic text and Steve Jenkins's magnificent cut paper collages in bold colors against a deep blue sky will make you gasp. Watch the turkey vultures as they "sniff, search, seek / for foods that . . . reek. . . Vultures like a mess. They land and dine. Rotten is fine." At the end you'll find a detailed "Get to Know Vultures" section, including the Turkey Vulture Society's website at, which contains facts and lots of wonderful color close-up photos.

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Critics have said

His picture book is a welcome resource, particularly for regions in which the soaring of the turkey vultures overhead is a familiar sight.
School Library Journal
Vultures may seem an unlikely subject for a literary celebration, but this playful, brief poem and accompanying collages serve as a pleasing celebration.
Kirkus Reviews