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United Tweets of America: 50 State Birds: Their Stories, Their Glories

By Hudson Talbott

Putnam Juvenile, 2008
Pages : 64
Suggested Ages: 4-9
ISBN: 9780399245206

What a hoot! A picture book about the fifty states, narrated by a bespectacled bald eagle holding a microphone and perched on the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Below him is a colorful map of the U.S., surrounded by little framed portraits of each state's bird. "Good evening, everyone, and welcome to the United Tweets of America Pageant. As your national Big Bird, I have the honor to introduce the fine feathered Americans who represent this great land." Turn the page to start the alphabetical parade, with one state per dazzling page. The yellowhammer or northern flicker of Alabama, is perched on the handle of a yellow hammer, and the black-billed bird murmurs, "'Scuse me, y'all—I'm a huntin' for some state bugs." Each bird has a little something to say (the brown thrasher from Georgia is warbling "Georgia on My Mind"), and each page provides a paragraph of facts about the bird; a little outline of the state, with the capital identified; the state's motto; and a fact or two of interest, including, for many of the states, a list of famous folks from those parts.

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Critics have said

It must be said, this book is a hoot.
School Library Journal
[A] rollicking roll call of state fast facts...this lighthearted look...will be welcome.