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Trouble Makes a Comeback

Stephanie Tromly

Pages : 320
Suggested Ages: 10 and up
ISBN: 9780147515445

Zoe and Digby are back for the next chapter in their three-book extravaganza. At the end of the first book, Digby and Zoe have a very interesting encounter, and Digby immediately hops on a bus and leaves her. In book two, it’s been a few months, and Zoe has not heard from him since. However, out of the blue, Digby returns to her life, and things get even wilder than before.

In the few months Digby has been gone, Zoe’s life has changed dramatically. She has made some new friends, finally enjoys her suburban high school, and has snagged a gorgeous jock boyfriend. On paper, her life is perfect. Yet, she can’t get Digby out of her head.

Just like in the previous book, Digby wastes no time and jumps immediately into dangerous missions, adventures, stake-outs and other questionably legal pursuits. This time, though, Zoe is ready for it all.

While TROUBLE IS A FRIEND OF MINE is very Digby-centric, the sequel is a lot more Zoe-centric. While Digby is definitely the stand-out character in the series, Zoe getting the spotlight is a great thing because she is greatly expanded upon as a character, making the story a lot more interesting. It is less about her being swept away by Digby, and a lot more about her own social and family life, as well as her internal and external conflicts. One of the best examples of this is her growing friendship with Sloane, one of her major adversaries from the first book.

Tromly also explores Digby’s character more seriously than she did in TROUBLE IS A FRIEND OF MINE. Readers get a lot more insight into his past, his family, some of the struggles he went through as a child, and the struggles he continues to go through in adolescence.

If you read the first book, you’re probably already dying to read this one. However, if not, you should consider reading the series because of how wild the story is, how compelling the mystery is, how great the characters are, and of course, how much fun it is to see Zoe and Digby solve crimes better than the book’s adult detectives.

Reviewed by : AN

Themes : Friendship, coming-of-age, Crime

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Critics have said

"With acerbic banter and a healthy dose of high-school high jinks, screenwriter Tromly weaves together traditional elements of teen stories to create a Breakfast Club for a new century."—Booklist

"A fast-paced story....Readers will find a sharply drawn character in the irrepressible Zoe, who’s as dubious about Digby’s methods as she is curious about whether or not she can live up to his daredevilry."—School Library Journal

* "In what reads like a combination of Veronica Mars and The Breakfast Club, debut author Tromly creates a screwball mystery with powerful crossover appeal."—Publishers Weekly, starred review