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Trouble is a Friend of Mine

Stephanie Tromly

Speak; Reprint edition (June 7, 2016)
Pages : 352
Suggested Ages: 10 & Up
ISBN: 978-0147515438

If you are looking for a contemporary young adult mystery that will simultaneously keep you laughing, gasping, and sitting at the edge of your seat, you have stumbled upon the perfect book. TROUBLE IS A FRIEND OF MINE is one of the most unique YA novels out there, and it is hard not to fall in love with the wacky yet lovable characters, the cunning villains, and the mind-boggling mysteries that make up the plot. 

Zoe has moved to a boring new suburban town with her mother and would do anything to move back in with her dad. However, her existence becomes anything but dull when Philip Digby suddenly whirlwinds his way into her life. Digby is a certified weirdo. He is always dressed in a suit, shares all of his bizarre thoughts out loud with no shame, and is surprisingly a really good crime detective. 

In the quaint town Digby and Zoe live in, a teenage girl has disappeared, and Digby thinks it may have something to do with his younger sister’s disappearance eight years ago. To investigate both potential kidnappings, Digby takes Zoe on a string of hilarious and dangerous escapades that reveal that some of the people in their town are not as innocent as they seem. 

There is something for everyone in TROUBLE IS A FRIEND OF MINE: a solid mystery, heart-pounding action scenes, adorable friendships, a little bit of romance, and an explosion or two. If you read this book, Philip Digby will easily become one of your favorite characters of all time. There are very few characters out there quite as wild, charismatic, and bizarre as he is. 

One of the best parts of the book is how it manages to feel so familiar despite being so unique. It will bring back memories of classic mystery stories such as NANCY DREW, THE HARDY BOYS, and SCOOBY DOO while also feeling completely modern. To top it all off, you will not see the ending coming, and the cliff hanger will leave you hungry for more. It’s a good thing this is the first title in a three-book series! 

Reviewed by : AN

Themes : Friendship, coming-of-age, crime.

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Critics have said

"In what reads like a combination of Veronica Mars and The Breakfast Club, debut author Tromly creates a screwball mystery with powerful crossover appeal."—Publishers Weekly, starred review

"Fast-talking, suit-wearing Digby is an exasperating teenage Sherlock—sharply observant, impatient with social niceties, and unafraid of authority figures. . . . Fans of Veronica Mars and Elementary will find much to like here . . . Zoe's sarcastic first-person narration is fresh and funny . . . an offbeat and entertaining caper."—Kirkus

"A fast-paced story. . . . Readers will find a sharply drawn character in the irrepressible Zoe, who's as dubious about Digby's methods as she is curious about whether or not she can live up to his daredevilry."—SLJ

"With acerbic banter and a healthy dose of high-school high jinks, screenwriter Tromly weaves together traditional elements of teen stories to create a Breakfast Club for a new century."—Booklist