Great Illustrated Books

There Are Cats in This Book

By Viviane Schwarz

Candlewick, 2008
Pages : 32
Suggested Ages: 0-7
ISBN: 9780763639235

When you open the first page of this innovative and adorable lift-the-flaps book, you see ears peeking out from under a quilt. You'll notice purring printed on the page, too, so you'll lift the quilt flap to see what's under there. "Huh?" says the bleary-eyed red and white kitty, nestled under the quilt with two other cats. (You obviously just woke them up.) "Hello. Who are YOU?" he asks. "Are you nice?" the blue kitty asks you. "You look nice," says the yellow one. "And STRONG. Could you turn a whole PAGE?"

Children who have gotten used to interacting with the Pigeon in Mo Willems's books will jump right into the conversation with these three personable cats, painted in primary colors in brush and ink. Preverbal children will just laugh and point at them rummaging through balls of yarn, sneaking into cardboard boxes (you lift the lids to find them), having a pillow fight on the sofa, and falling into the water with swimming fishes (from which you have to rescue them), before settling down for the night (and you tuck them in). If you don't have kitties at home, this is the next best thing.

Reviewed by : JF


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Critics have said

On The Adventures of a Nose: "The great thing about this is that it is more than a one-joke story and works on several different levels... It is a very clever book - and enormous fun.
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