Great Illustrated Books

The Wheels on the Bus

By Paul O. Zelinsky

Dutton Juvenile, 1990
Pages : 16
Suggested Ages: 4-8
ISBN: 0525446443

The wheels on the bus go round and round
Round and round, round and round.
The wheels on the bus go round and round
All over town.

Here's a peerless, interactive, pull-the-tabs book of the well-known song which you'll want for your personal collection. As you move through each pastel-colored heavystock page, the book becomes the bus. Pull the little tabs and the bus doors really open and shut, the wipers go swish swish swish, and the babies' mouths open when they cry, "Waah! waah! waah!" The many subtle but comical moveable parts bring the song to life. Pull the side tab on the page, "The riders on the bus go bumpety-bump," and watch through the bus windows as all the passengers are jostled up and down. There's a subplot in the enticing, colorful illustrations, in which the young man we see carrying a guitar at the bus stop then rides the bus, alighting at the end of the line, along with all the moms and babies on the bus. Where are they all going? They're heading to the guitarist's program for children at the public library.

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Critics have said

The song, with its repeated but contained gestures, is a perfect choice for a pop-up, for the art and engineering are woven together seamlessly, and the book will lose little of its appeal after the moving parts have run their race.
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