Great Illustrated Books

The Snowy Day

Ezra Jack Keats

Viking Press
Pages : 40
Suggested Ages: 2-5
ISBN: 978-0670654000

One morning, Peter woke to find that his world had transformed into a wonderland while he slept. Gone were the big city buildings, streets, stop signs and cars. In their place were paths to experiment walking down, snowballs thrown at the big kids, towering hills to be slid down, and snow angels to be made. Peter's neighborhood became a place of magic to be explored alone or with a friend. And, in the end, he learned an important lesson about snowballs disappearing overnight when you try to save them in your coat pocket for later.

Keats' art puts you in the iconic red jumpsuit and surrounds you with warm colors and good feelings while you explore the magic that every neighborhood feels during a snowstorm, and gives you the wonderfully unexpected day off from work and school as a city finds its path through the snow banks. 

We all become Peter and pine for the snowy days of our youth, and excitedly wait for the next snowy day that will keep us home from school. We don't worry about what isn't getting done today or whether or not there are groceries in the kitchen or if the pipes will freeze — we only enjoy snowmen, snow angels and the differences in our tracks when we walk this way or that. 

It is nearly impossible to read this to your little one on your own snowy day (or even a warm day when you pine for winter wonderlands of your own) without a smile on your face. The memories of telling your own mother about your adventures while she takes off your wet socks will overpower you. Like Peter's snowball, you'll hang onto these memories for as long as possible. 

Reviewed by : A Freeman

Themes : Outdoors, snow, adventure

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