Great Illustrated Books

The Pink Party

By Maryann MacDonald, illustrated by Judy Stead

Marshall Cavendish, 2011
Pages : 32
Suggested Ages: 4-7
ISBN: 9780761458142

Hand a little girl a copy of this book, tell her it's all about best friends, birthday parties and dressing up, and she'll tell you: "You got me at 'pink.'"

A celebration of so many girls' favorite early childhood color, this very pink, even glittery picture book stars Rose and Valentina who love nothing more than the color pink. Each of them wants to own everything that's pink. When Rose gets a new pink lunchbox, Valentina wants one, too. Instead she gets a pink backpack. "Big deal, Rose thinks." Rose and her dad paint her rocking chair pink, and Valentina follows by painting her entire playhouse pink. "Copycat," Rose thinks.

The one-up-manship continues through Valentina's very pink birthday party, when Valentina's ballerina tutu tops Rose's princess costume. "Show off," Rose finally says. And stomps out. But their feelings of friendship and a pink cupcake are bigger than jealousy and competition. A very happy (and silly) ending will leave readers smiling when they see Valentina's fluffy white poodle colored (what else?) pink.

Playful page design and two likeable characters highlight this surprisingly realistic story. Its message, gently delivered, won't be lost on its readers.

Reviewed by : LLW


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Critics have said

Carter's softly executed watercolor-and colored-pencil drawings add an element of lightness ��� and lots of pink ��� to the story.
School Library Journal
This beginning chapter book carries a meaningful message with which many youngsters will identify.