Great Illustrated Books

The Doghouse

By Jan Thomas

Harcourt Children, 2008
Pages : 40
Suggested Ages: 2-7
ISBN: 9780152065331

The sky is sky blue; the day is sunny. Cow kicks the red ball, but it goes over the outstretched arms of Mouse, Duck, and Pig. "Oh no! The ball went into THE DOGHOUSE!" On the next double page, the now indigo sky surrounds a sinister-looking orange doghouse, with a thunderbolt cracking above the roof. "Who will get it out?" All you can see of the four not-so-brave friends are their round white frightened eyes (and ears on the three who have ears). Mouse volunteers big, brave, strong Cow. "Moo?" Cow says, and heads warily into the doghouse. "But Cow does not come out." Uh, oh. Next, Mouse sends in smart, wise, stinky Pig. ("I am NOT stinky," Pig mutters as he enters the doorway.) Guess what? Pig does not come out, either. Nor does Duck, which leaves a terrified Mouse outside, all alone.

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Critics have said

Thick black outlines, solid blocks of color, and easily read facial expressions will work well for story times. Allusions at the end to cake and turnips recall Thomas's earlier A Birthday for Cow!, which featured these four barnyard friends being just as silly. Read both books together, and you'll have preschoolers rolling in the aisles.
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