Great Illustrated Books

The Case of the Lost Boy (The Buddy Files series)

By Dori Hillestad Butler

Albert Whitman & Company, 2010
Pages : 128
Suggested Ages: 4-8
ISBN: 9780807509104

What's that lovely smell? Eggs, bacon, toothpaste and dirt. King, dog detective, will have to sniff it out. But he's working alone these days, without his human partner Kayla, since she and Mom and Dad disappeared and King ended up in the P-O-U-N-D, a word never to be said aloud in dog world.

It turns out the smell is a boy, and here he comes now! Connor and his Mom want to adopt a dog. They choose King. Then New Mom decides to call him Buddy. It is most confusing, but on the upside – he has escaped the pound, has some really good dog food, a bed of his own and has ended up in his old neighborhood. At last he can start solving the mystery of what happened to Kayla.

He has barely started looking for clues when Connor and his scent mysteriously disappear into thin air. King/Buddy has suspicions, but what do you do when you talk to humans and they just won't listen? Lick their ears? They just say "Get down". Now he must solve this mystery so he can start looking for his family again and go back to his real home. Or is it possible for a dog to have more than one family?

Reviewed by : JS.


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Critics have said

Fans of dog stories, mysteries, or readers reluctant to start chapter books will appreciate this story.
School Library Journal
It's a straightforward mystery, but readers should be drawn in by Buddy's exuberant voice and readily recognize the high stakes and emotions at play.
Publishers Weekly