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The Case of the Gasping Garbage

By Michele Torrey

Sterling, 2009
Pages : 96
Suggested Ages: 7-10
ISBN: 9780525466574

Meet Doyle and Fossey, science detectives, in their first lively collaboration, a series of four pithy science mysteries. Fifth grader Drake Doyle, scientific genius, and his nature-loving lab partner, Nell Fossey, take on four tough cases. There's the "huge-giant-bloodsucking-monster" in a classmate's garbage can, a save-the-frogs campaign, a truck wedged tight under a bridge, and the problem of who is sending love notes to soft-spoken fifth grader, Lilly Crump.

For each case, the two sleuths observe, formulate a hypothesis, analyze their data, and come up with a simple, elegant solution. At the back of the book is a stimulating series of easy-to-perform science experiments related to each story, including baking bread with yeast, sending an invisible message, and analyzing ink using chromatography. All of the books in the Doyle & Fossey Science Detectives series, including The Case of the Graveyard Ghost and The Case of the Mossy Lake Monster are easy to read independently for mystery and science fans, and perfect to read aloud a chapter at a sitting. Then delve into the related areas of science in the nonfiction section of your library. Look for the Dewey number 507, and you'll find books of science experiments.

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Critics have said

The first in a new series, this book will appeal to fans of short mysteries and kids with an interest in science experiments. Torrey's style is light and funny, and the stories move at a rapid pace.
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