Great Illustrated Books

Snow Day

By Komako Sakai

Arthur A. Levine Books, 2009
Pages : 32
Suggested Ages: 2-6
ISBN: 0545013216

Mommy wakes the little rabbit narrator early one morning to announce that it has been snowing all night. Kindergarten is closed, the school bus is stuck, and Daddy's flight has been canceled. Mama doesn't want her little one to catch cold, but the bunny sneaks outside onto the apartment balcony and makes a little snow dumpling. Snow dumpling? Yes, this adorable and endearing story, with singular snow-smudge illustrations in shades of textured grays, tans, and just a touch of red, is from Japan. "Mommy, we are all alone in the world," the little rabbit declares, looking from the balcony to the quiet, empty street below. When the snow stops that night, the two go out to make snowballs, snow dumplings, and even snow monsters. It's just a little mood piece, but what an evocative look at a perfect storm.

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Critics have said

Atmospheric, tender, full of anticipation and satisfaction, this one will charm young children.
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