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By Patrick McDonnell, Illustrations By Naoko Stoop

Pages : 40
Suggested Ages: Little, Brown Books for Young Readers
ISBN: 978-0316262781

Hoshi is a small starfish that doesn’t want to live in the sea; he wants to shine in the heavens among the other stars.  As he laments his life underwater he wishes for more colorful friends (while swimming past beautiful coral and tropical fish), endless possibilities (while in the midst of endless minnows), and even more magnificence (while talking to a magnificent blue whale).  After swimming to the darkest bottom of the sea, Hoshi meets an anglerfish who explains that “shining” comes from inner happiness, not outward circumstances.  Soon Hoshi sees a star in the heart of every sea creature, shining bright, and suddenly little Hoshi can appreciate the world with new eyes and see the beauty in the world around him, not just up in the sky.

McDonnell, who is most well known for his iconic MUTTS comic strip, brings a sweet tone and cadence to Hoshi’s story, and Naoko Stoop’s (The Red Knit Cap Girl) illustrations of the beautiful creatures in the sea are whimsical and exquisitely textured having been created on plywood before being digitally finished. Together, they have created a winning picture book that gently teaches that happiness and contentment can only come from within - a lesson that readers young and old can benefit from.  

While reading SHINE! emphasize the true root of satisfaction and ask your child what makes them shine so they can more easily understand the true spirit of the book.  Maybe a favorite routine, a cozy corner in their room, or story time with a loved one!

Reviewed by : Amanda Brown

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