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School!: Adventures at the Harvey N. Trouble Elementary School

By Kate McMullan; Inspired and Illustrated by George Booth

Feiwel & Friends, 2010
Pages : 160
Suggested Ages: 8-11
ISBN: 0312375921

Laugh-out-loud funny, from the endpapers to the final page, this illustrated novel tells about a week of what would be very ordinary happenings – except that this particular hotsy-totsy, tippy-toppy, super-duper,hunky-dory, yowie-ka-zowie week is at the Harvey N. Trouble Elementary School – where everyone and everything is just a little different and a lot hilarious.

It's not about the plot – although you do care what happens next. It's not about the characters, though you get to know them pretty well. It's all about the way the story is told – with not one single opportunity to make a good pun missed. Take the names of the kids for example: Ron Faster (who runs very fast, indeed); Sid Down (who would rather not be seated); Adam Up (who is a math whiz); and Chuckie Upkins (poor boy – whatever he eats upsets his tummy). And the teachers: Ms. Doremi Fasollatido (music); Hugh da Mann (kindergarten); Arthur Mometer (school nurse).

Get it? Every kid you know sure will!

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Critics have said

School! almost reels in a tornado of silly wordplay and fast-paced events, with students like Dewey Haveto and little Izzy Normal in a chorus of confusion. Booth's comical portraits look like cameos of his beloved New Yorker cartoons���the janitors Iquit and Quitoo, tossing their brooms aside, could have just stepped off one of those crowded country porches
New York Times Book Review