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Press Here

By Herve Tullet

Chronicle Books, 2011
Pages : 56
Suggested Ages: 0-6
ISBN: 9780811879545

Interactive engaging play without electronics! Press Here is the ultimate book for engaging very young children and holding their attention. It is so clever and simple; you'll wish you had thought of it yourself!

The book begins with a simple yellow dot in the middle of the page with the instructions, "press here and turn the page." You won't be able to stop yourself from pressing the dot to see what happens. (Neither will your child!). When you press the dot and turn the page, another yellow dot appears making it seem like your action created the second dot. Each page gives a direction like, "shake the page gently," "clap your hands," and every time you turn the page, the illustrations change in response to your action. You will turn out the lights (the background turns from white to black when you press on five yellow dots); you will make the dots grow (the dots get bigger the louder you clap); you will make the dots shift to one side of the page by shaking the book to the left and get them back in line by shaking the book again. By the end of the book you will find yourself right back where you started with one yellow dot. And you will be feeling very satisfied with yourself, indeed.

This is such a fun book to read with toddlers when they are just starting to understand instructions and are beginning to notice how their actions impact their world, and it's a great book to share with older kids, too. Aside from the fun, there are wonderful learning opportunities: identifying colors, following directions, learning left and right, and finding patterns. Press Here is certain to become a favorite the little ones in your life will beg to read/play over and over.

Reviewed by : MES


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Critics have said

An elegantly conceived picture book.
The New York Times