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National Geographic Kids Almanac 2013

By National Geographic Kids

National Geographic Society, 2012
Pages : 352
Suggested Ages: 8-12
ISBN: 9780606238885

Think of a subject – any subject: an animal, a place, a historical person or event, food, weather.  It’s very likely that you’ll find information about it in the 2012 National Geographic Almanac for Kids.  What’s more, while you are paging through this eclectic collection of facts, you’re sure to bump into something else of interest. 

Let me prove the point.  Ocelots.  On my way to the “Amazing Animals” section, I discovered a drawing of a model modern house that uses 22 of the latest eco-technology devices, like biodegradable soaps in the bathroom and solar lights in the garden.  When I made my way to Ocelots, I learned how to differentiate their spots from those of the jaguar, leopard, cheetah and serval.

And, on the road to see what the flag of Nigeria looks like in “Geography Rocks,” I found thumbnail biographies of the U.S. presidents and was surprised that Thomas Jefferson had two pet grizzly bears.  (By the way, the flag of Nigeria is green and white – three broad vertical stripes.)

In addition to irresistible facts, plenty of eye-catching photos, sidebars chock full of cool information, and inviting headlines, there is a whole chapter of games and further information on many topics offered through the Internet.  

The book is a terrific reference for school-time, too, with its homework-helper pages and quick facts to incorporate into assignments

From adventure to science, from examinations of many cultures to explorations of the wonders of nature, here’s a book no kid (or grown-up) can resist.

Reviewed by : LLW


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