Great Illustrated Books

My Animals

By Xavier Deneux

Walker Books for Young Readers, 2008
Pages : 18
Suggested Ages: 0-3
ISBN: 9780802797872

When should you start sharing books and stories with your children? As soon as they're born. Some studies have shown that babies in utero respond to being read to, especially rhythmic and rhyming books like early Dr. Seuss. Here, then, is a board book for newborns who will appreciate the stark contrast of the mostly black and white glossy illustrations, with just the tiniest touch of color. Book-sharing adults are drawn to bright colors and flash, but up until about six months, babies will gaze with great concentration and fascination on pictures rendered in plain old black and white. What's so appealing about this wordless depiction of 18 animals in their habitats is the die-cut circle, about the size of a nickel, that highlights a detail on each page. Some pages depict friendly-looking white animals against a black background; others are the opposite. Most striking is the black textured cover, with a raised white dog in the middle. It's just plain handsome.

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Themes : ANIMALS.

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Critics have said

A black-and-white delight for babies and beyond!

Everyone will love Xavier Deneux's stylish animal menagerie. With playful cut-outs and splashes of color, this high-contrast book is perfect for introducing favorites from our wild kingdom. You won't want to put down this feast for the senses!
Walker and Company