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Max Einstein: The Genius Experiment

James Patterson

jimmy patterson
Pages : 352
Suggested Ages: 8-12
ISBN: 978-0316523967

Max Einstein is no ordinary girl. At age 12, she's a student at NYU. She's working to ease the life of the homeless. And she's been tapped by a mysterious organization, The Change Makers Institute, to help solve some of the world's biggest problems. This thrilling adventure will have your young aspiring scientists on the edge of their seats. 

 But don't take it from us:

"I had so much fun reading Max Einstein, I couldn't stop! I like that I can relate to her and that she is a normal girl who is a complete genius and fights off really bad guys. I also like the mystery and suspicion related to Max being related to Albert Einstein and who her parents are." - Audrey 

Reviewed by : Audrey

Themes : Mystery, science, helping others

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Critics have said

"If you're interested in science, mysteries or courageous heroines, this is a must-read!" -Chelsea Clinton

"Max's morality, love for humanity, and free spirit make refreshing counter to the familiar computerlike, elitist genius archetype; evasion scenes bring thrills; problem-solving provides delightful role-modeling. The ending promises a sequel. A fun, positive book with plenty of heart." -Kirkus Reviews