Great Illustrated Books

Kitten's First Full Moon

By Kevin Henkes

Greenwillow, 2004
Pages : 32
Suggested Ages: 0-2
ISBN: 9780060588281

The night Kitten sees her first full moon, she thinks it's a little bowl of milk in the sky, and she wants it. She jumps at it, and chases it, and climbs a tall tree all the way to the top, but still she can't reach it, poor Kitten. When she sees its milky white reflection in a pond, she even jumps in the water, but all she gets is wet. This simple but enticing Caldecott winner was drawn in silvery shades of gray gouache (opaque watercolors) and colored pencil, with the adventurous white kitten outlined in thick black lines. In a perfect balance between words and pictures, notice how the illustrations reveal more about the story than the words provide. Notice the composition of the pictures—sometimes full-paged, sometimes in panels —and how they advance the action.

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Critics have said

The rhythmic text and delightful artwork ensure storytime success.
Wendy Lukehart, School Library Journal
Brilliant in its simplicity, Kitten's quiet little adventure is a perfect picture book that kids will eagerly lap up.
Matt Warner, The Barnes & Noble Review
The narrative and visual pacing will keep children entranced, and the determined young heroine and her comical quest will win them over.
Publishers Weekly
Simply charming.
Kirkus Reviews