Great Illustrated Books

Inside-Outside Dinosaurs

By Roxie Munro

Marshall Cavendish , 2009
Pages : 40
Suggested Ages: 3-7
ISBN: 0761456244

In a veritable visual panorama of dinosaurs, eight classic dinosaurs are presented in two ways: first as skeletons and then as living creatures. On the upper right side of the first oversized white two-page spread are gigantic red capital letters: BRACHIOSAURUS. Stretched across the page is a painting of the skeleton of that long-necked reptile, done in fine black line and grey-toned inks. On the lower right hand page, is the translation of its name: "arm lizard." Turn the page, and you zip back in time to see the same dinosaur, stretched across the page in the same position, but all fleshed out. Literally. There's the massive fellow, alive and munching on leaves, set against a prehistoric landscape, with a volcano steaming in the distance, and other Brachiosaurs lumbering in a lake. Children will recognize and identify, perhaps, the three pterosaur-ish creatures flying by, the toothy T. Rex-like creature lurching toward a smaller dinosaur, and maybe that's an Ankylosaurus munching on ferns.* It's an arresting scene, in gorgeous full color inks, that will transport readers back to the old days. The real old days. They will have a fine old time flipping the pages back and forth, comparing bones to body, and saying all those gloriously tongue-twisty dinosaur names. It's one big wow.

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Critics have said

Young dinophiles will relish the cleanly drawn details. ... Pre-readers in particular will be drawn to this prehistoric primer.
Eye-catching illustrations and minimal text make this a good choice for young dino fans.