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Hurry! Hurry!

By Eve Bunting, Illustrated by Jeff Mack

Harcourt Children, 2007
Pages : 40
Suggested Ages: 0-6
ISBN: 9780152054106

A chicken, racing across the barnyard, exhorts, "Hurry! Hurry!" "Coming! Coming!" bleats the goat, leaping over a fence. Across the green grass and under the blue sky, the ducks, cows, pigs, sheep, and a sheepdog cavort eagerly to the barn. There they encircle the nest of straw in the center of the earthen floor to welcome the newest addition to the barnyard as it pecks its way out of its eggshell with a "tappity-tap." "I'm here! I'm here!" proclaims the tiny chick to the exultant crowd. Their jubilation, depicted in full-page acrylics, will make listeners think about the preciousness of each new life, including theirs. With the simplest of text—only a single word, repeated once, in large red letters splashed across the page—the animal's exclamations will be perfect to act out with your little ones.

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Critics have said

This charming story celebrates the anticipation of a new life and its long-awaited appearance.

Maryann H. Owen, School Library Journal

A deceptively simple, joyous offering, this will surely enliven story hours, and its enthusiastic tone may rub off on kids who are facing the impending arrival of a new sibling with decidedly less eagerness.
Gillian Engberg, Booklist

The visuals convey a sense of motion throughout this harried story, and it helps young readers think about life and life cycles on the farm.
Curry Coates, Children