Great Illustrated Books

Hi! Fly Guy

By Tedd Arnold

Pages : 30
Suggested Ages: 2-6
ISBN: 9780439639033

A boy named Buzz sets off in his pith helmet to catch something smart for The Amazing Pet Show. Boink. He bumps into a fly. The fly stomps his feet and says, "Buzz!" "You know my name!" Buzz exclaims. "You are the smartest pet in the world!" At first, the judges laugh at Fly Guy. "Flies can't be pets. Flies are pests." But Fly Guy sure proves them wrong with fancy flying that earns him the Smartest Pet ribbon. The silver psychedelic holograph cover alone could entertain readers for hours. The story, as easy an early reader as you can find, will make them laugh endlessly, too, as will the companion books, including Super Fly Guy; Fly High, Fly Guy; and There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed Fly Guy.

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Themes : HUMOR. PETS.

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Critics have said

Suitably wacky cartoon art accompanies the text, which is simple enough for beginning readers ready to soar to a chapter-book format.
Publishers Weekly
Arnold's amusing flight of fancy is illustrated with plenty of humor.
Readers drawn by the flashy foil cover will stick around to applaud this unusually capable critter.
Kirkus Reviews