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Hello, Nebulon! (Galaxy Zack Series)

By Ray O

Little Simon, 2013
Pages : 128
Suggested Ages: 5-7
ISBN: 9781442453876

It's the year 2120, and Zack Nelson and his family are leaving their home on Earth to move to the planet Nebulon, where Zack's dad has accepted a new job. Zack isn't at all sure what to expect of his new home or of a new school and new friends. 

The first book in this new series opens with Zack and his family making the trip to Nebulon. They are welcomed to their new home and given a brief introduction to their space-aged house and all it can do. Cars that hover, an ever-present computer system to run the household (the I.R.A. or Indoor Robotic Assistant), and an elevator that moves not just up and down, but in all directions: these are just a few of the awesome new things Zack will be using every day! But despite these fun new gadgets, Zack has trouble winding down for bed on that first night; he's too nervous about his first day at his new school. 

Zack and his twin sisters are welcomed to Sprockets Academy, where they are by the principal. Inside his new classroom, Zack is baffled by the touch-screen computer at his desk, but a Nebulon boy kindly shows him how to use it. And later, on board the space bus that takes the students from class to the cafeteria, the same boy invites Zack to sit next to him. He introduces himself as Drake Taylor, and with that, Zack starts to realize that things on Nebulon might just be alright after all.

Galaxy Zack is a terrific series for young readers who are ready to begin to transition to chapter books, but not ready for some of the weightier books that have been available in the past. With larger font and plenty of eye-catching illustrations, young readers will zoom through the story to find out what happens to Zack, entertained and delighted along the way!

Reviewed by : KSD

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Critics have said

More Jetsons than Star Trek, this light tale for new readers is illustrated in a cartoon style that allows readers to feel Zack's pain but happily anticipate the strange new world ahead of him.

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