Great Illustrated Books


By Olivier Dunrea

Houghton Mifflin, 2002
Pages : 32
Suggested Ages: 0-5
ISBN: 9780544114340

Just right for little hands is a winsome series about gosling friends, with spare, irresistible watercolors on all-white square pages. Start with Gossie. about a small, yellow gosling, her orange bill always open in an expression of happy anticipation. Gossie likes to wear her bright red boots every day to eat, sleep, ride, hide, and walk. One morning, Gossie can not find her bright red boots anywhere, so she looks everywhere. Where does she find them? "On someone else's feet!" That someone is another little yellow gosling named Gertie. The two little goslings then share, one boot for each.

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Critics have said

Gossie's rural world is reassuringly child-sized, clear, and contained, as indicated by simple lines, primary colors, and focused illustrations on a white background. Because of the books' small size they will be better for one-on-one sharing than for group storytime. Young children will ask to hear these stories again and again, and they're just right for little hands.
School Library Journal

These beautifully designed volumes are simple enough for a two-year-old, yet they offer enough of a story to entertain older preschoolers as well.