Great Illustrated Books

Dogs Rule!

By Daniel Kirk

Hyperion Book CH, 2003
Pages : 56
Suggested Ages: 4 and Up
ISBN: 0786819499

Dog lovers will have a blast with this large, personable book of 22 meaty dog-narrated poems, all accompanied by soulful paintings of the notable pooches. Every aspect of dogdom is covered here; titles include: "In My Doghouse," "Pet Me," "Lapdog," "Chowhound," "Chasing My Tail," and my personal favorite, the final selection, the lullaby-like "Dog-Tired." The title poem begins:

I'm a dachshund, long and lean.
I'm a low-slung, pink-tongued drool machine!
I'm a funny-lookin' fella but I ain't no fool . . . DOGS RULE!

I'm a Great Dane, ten feet tall,
more solid than a concrete wall.
If you want to pet me, climb a stool! DOGS RULE!

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Themes : DOGS. POETRY.

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Critics have said

Kirk sings these clever selections on the accompanying CD. His voice is pleasant and the enunciation is clear. The varied instrumental styles such as rock, blues, and toy piano add another level of enjoyment to the book. This poetic canine tribute is sure to be a hit with dog lovers.
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