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Dog in Boots

By Greg Gormley, illustrated by Roberta Angaramo

Holiday House, 2011
Pages : 32
Suggested Ages: 3-6
ISBN: 9780823423477

And the children laughed. And laughed and laughed. Every page of this silly, funny book keeps readers and listeners asking just how much more ridiculous this story can get. The answer is: totally ridiculous. It stays ridiculous all the way to the totally satisfying and totally reasonable ending.

Of course everyone knows about "Puss in Boots." Puss looks so glorious in his boots that Dog decides to buy two splendid pairs of boots for himself. Although the boots look magnificent, they prove to be a disadvantage when Dog tries to dig up his favorite bone.

Dog heads back to the shoe store and the ever-helpful clerk. In quick succession, Dog tries rain boots, flippers, high heels and skis. Although Dog is enthusiastic and determined, none of the pawwear quite meets his needs and expectations. On his last trip to the shoe store, he describes exactly what he wants. It has to be "…something that's good for digging and swimming and scratching and running. Oh, nice and furry too." As the reader already knows, Dog wants paws. Dog is elated. His furry, practical paws perform all the important tasks.

This story could be a cautionary tale about wanting what one has, and having what one wants. Let's not go there.

Tired and happy, Dog goes home and chooses another book. This story is about a little girl who didn't bother with cumbersome boots. She wore a lovely red cape.
Hmmmm. Could the reader be sniffing a sequel?

Reviewed by : FH

Themes : DOGS. HUMOR.

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Critics have said

In this story about a dog with a thing for footwear, Gormley's buoyant text should capture readers right off the mark.
Publishers Weekly