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Dog and Bear: Two Friends, Three Stories

By Laura Vaccaro Seeger

Roaring Brook Press, 2007
Pages : 32
Suggested Ages: 0-6
ISBN: 9781596430532

Dog, a little brown dachshund, and his best friend Bear, a multicolored stuffed teddy, have three little adventures together. Bear is scared to jump down from a tall chair until Dog coaches him to slide down his long back; Dog wants bear to play with him, but Bear is busy reading a book about a dog and a stuffed bear; and Dog decides to change his boring name to something spiffier, like Spot. ("But you don't have any spots," says Bear sagely.) Do ask your listeners to predict what name Dog will settle upon.

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Critics have said

The author captures the joys, frustrations, and compromises of friendship in these three charmingly minimalist, easy-to-read stories...This heart-warming book is sure to please.
Childrens Literature
After turning the last page, young readers will beg the same for this enchanting trio of tales.
Publishers Weekly