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Charlie Joe Jackson's Guide to Extra Credit

By Tommy Greenwald

Roaring Brook Press, 2012
Pages : 272
Suggested Ages: 8-12
ISBN: 9781250016706

Charlie Joe Jackson is back with more wisdom to share with middle-schoolers.  As before, every bit of his advice is hard-won.  Readers know they can trust Charlie; he’s been there, done that.

Early in the novel, we learn just why Charlie’s such an expert on “extra credit.’  His last report card wasn’t good, and his parents think the solution is an academic summer camp.  Charlie would promise anything to avoid that.  And he does!  He’s going to deliver all As next quarter.  How’s he going to do that?  Extra Credit!

But getting that extra credit takes finesse.  Charlie’s got lots of that!  He shares it all in his story and the tips he offers in this second hilarious, surprising and absolutely true-to-real-life novel.

Reviewed by : LLW

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Critics have said

"No middle schooler wants to face a month at summer enrichment camp, but many will enjoy watching Charlie Joe work harder than he has ever worked before to avoid it��_even if he fails."

"Middle school students will love this humorous read along with Charlie's free advice concerning extra credit."