Great Illustrated Books

Captain Raptor and the Space Pirates

By Patrick OBrien and Kevin OMalley, Illustrated by Patrick OBrien

Walker, 2007
Pages : 32
Suggested Ages: 5-8
ISBN: 9780802795717

The dinosaur citizens of Jurassica are in a panic when a mob of misshapen mutants and reptilian cyborgs from the pirate ship Blackrot rampages through the Imperial Palace, making off with the famous Jewels of Jurassica. The President calls in Captain Raptor to pursue the evildoers. Raptor and his fearless crew give chase through the galaxy until their starship Megatooth is blasted by the pirates. They crash-land on a deserted moon where they apprehend a spying scoundrel named Bloody Bart Scalawag, who sports a hook for a left hand and claims he was left behind by the pirates. Can Raptor trust him? Methinks not. Each page of this handsome action-filled comic book-style picture book is laid out in glossy panels, with boxed narration and terse dialogue that oozes testosterone and danger.

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Critics have said

Few readers���reluctant or otherwise���will be able to resist this clever mix of dinosaurs, pirates, and science fiction.
Mary Jean Smith, School Library Journal
The artist uses lots of dark watercolors and gouache to generate the melodramatic, other-world atmosphere.
Ken Marantz and Sylvia Marantz, Children
A sure hit with dino/sf fans and an undoubted draw for reluctant readers.
Todd Morning, Booklist