Great Illustrated Books

Binky to the Rescue (A Binky Adventure)

By Ashley Spires

Kids Can Press, 2010
Pages : 64
Suggested Ages: 4-8
ISBN: 1554535026

Kids may have met Binky earlier in Binky in Space, when this tubby hind-leg walking black and white kitty built a rocket ship in his litter box. Now,.he's an official certified space cat, and his relentless pursuit of aliens (wasps) leads to his falling out of a first floor window into the yard below with his trusty copilot, his pink stuffed mouse, Ted. "HOLY FUZZBUTT! Binky is in OUTER SPACE!!!" Worried he won't be able to breathe out there in such dangerous territory, Binky locates an "oxygen source" (a garden hose), tethers himself with rope to a garden gnome, and sets out to spy on the "enemy." Binky's human comes across him in the nick of time, just as the cat is being ambushed by dozens of the stinging, winged aliens, and brings him inside. It doesn't take Binky long to realize who is still out there: Ted! "MMMEEEEOOOOWWW!!!" he howls, knowing he must undertake a new mission to rescue his pal.

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Critics have said

"The text is cleverly written, and the jokes are appealing to young readers. From Binky's inner monologue about the motives of his humans to his excessive habit of munching on cat crunchies and releasing a discreet "pooot," he is funny... A great choice for beginning chapter-book readers or an introduction to graphic novels, this one's a winner in both quality and appeal."
School Library Journal