Great Illustrated Books

Amelia Bedelia

By Peggy Parish

HarperFestival, 1999
Pages : 64
Suggested Ages: 4-8
ISBN: 9780760794463

Mr. and Mrs. Rogers can't be there for Amelia Bedelia's first day as their housekeeper, but leave her with a long list of things to do. Before setting to work, Amelia bakes her employers a lemon meringue pie--she makes good pies. Then she sets to work.

"Change the towels in the bathroom," Mrs. Rogers has written in script. "Those towels are very nice. Why change them?" Amelia asks, but takes a pair of scissors to alter the towels' appearance as she is (kind of) told. Then she sets the towels back on their dowel and moves on down the list. She takes each task literally, from drawing the drapes on a sketchpad, to putting the lights out… out in the yard. When Mrs. Rogers comes home, she is very angry indeed. But naïve, endearing Amelia is proud of her work, holding up her picture of the curtains for Mrs. Rogers to see.

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A perfect blend of text and pictures spiced with humor.