Great Illustrated Books

Alphasaurus and Other Prehistoric Types

By Sharon Werner and Sarah Forss

Blue Apple, 2012
Pages : 56
Suggested Ages: 3 and Up
ISBN: 9781609051938

The previous five Llama Llama bestselling and beloved picture books focused in tightly on the mother-toddler relationship, warmly and comically exploring feelings and universal experiences. Time to Share expands that world a little, allowing Nelly and her Baby Gnu in.

When the doorbell rings, Mama welcomes the new neighbors, and while Mama and Nelly have tea, the two toddlers are left with a boxful of toys to play with and share. All goes well … for a while – until that Gnu girl decides to play with Llama's treasured Fuzzy Llama doll. Llama's not ready for that much sharing! In the heat of the moment, Fuzzy Llama comes apart. Now what?

Mama comes the rescue, not only with needle and thread, but also with some Mama wisdom.

Surely this sounds familiar to every parent and teacher of very young children – and to those children themselves. What's best is that the humor in the rhyming text and in the in-your-face illustrations makes this a message that's easy to hear and learn from.

Reviewed by : JMcD


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Critics have said

Die-cuts, flaps, phonetic spellings, and alphabetically oriented trivia ("Kentrosaurus was about the length of a kayak") are seamlessly integrated into the overall polished look of this standout introduction to both dinosaurs and good design.