Spooky Halloween Reads for All Ages

Goblins, ghouls and ghosts, oh my!  Halloween is rapidly approaching. To get into the festive spirit, check out RKR's list of super spooky books sure to entice even the most reluctant readers. 

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children—By Ransom Riggs (12+)

16-year-old Jacob is traveling to a remote island, fleeing his own personal tragedy. Once he arrives he stumbles upon the remains of an old orphanage that housed peculiar children—children that may still be alive. Now a major motion picture, this thriller is super spooky and will get you in the mood for Halloween.

The Graveyard Book—By Neal Gaiman (10+)

This Newbury Honor award winner follows Bod, a boy raised in a graveyard. Bod doesn’t have human parental figures, instead he was raised by ghost, werewolves and other species found in a cemetery. Follow Bod as he navigates both the world of the living and the world of the dead in this award winning middle grade book.

Cinder (The Lunar Chronical Series)—By Marissa Meyer (12+)

Cinder is a girl with a mysterious past. She is a gifted mechanic and cyborg who lives with her evil stepmother and stepsister when she suddenly finds her life entangled with the handsome prince, Kai. It is up to Cinder to uncover her haunted past quickly to save her future in this young adult take on a classic fairytale.

Beanstalker and Other Hilarious Scarytales—By Kiersten White (8+)

Once upon a time, fairytales got mixed up and mashed together to form one hilarious and spooky scarytale—look no further this story is perfect for getting your kiddo in the Halloween spirit.

The Dreadful Tale of Prosper Redding—By Alexandra Bracken (8+)

Prosper Redding is just your average boy who happens to have a demon living inside of him. Now plagued with hosting a demon who wants to destroy the family fortune and a family who would rather save their fortune than one of their own flesh and blood—Prosper is in for one wild ride.

The Girl with All the Gifts—By M.R Carey (12+)

Join Melanie as she navigates her dystopian reality and adapts to the various trials and tribulations that she is constantly faced with in this science fiction thriller.

Hunting Prince Dracula—By Kerri Maniscalco (12+)

Audrey Rose Wadsworth and Thomas Cresswell are back for another adventure, this time in Romania. The dynamic duo is all set to attend forensics school, but their semester starts off with a few problems—mainly, dead bodies drained of blood. Could Dracula be stalking their halls or is the real killer someone they know? Follow Audrey and Thomas as they journey to find the real murderer or lose their lives searching.

Monsterland--By James Crowley (10+)

Charlie is surrounded by Halloween excitement but for him, it’s just a reminder that his cousin Billy is no longer around. After being bullied into giving away Halloween candy, Charlie heads off the woods where low and behold he believes he sees his cousin Billy. Soon enough Charlie finds himself entering Monsterland, a mysterious place filled with supernatural creatures. Will Charlie be reunited with Billy or is it just all a mirage—find out by picking up a copy of Monsterland.

There's Someone Inside Your House—By Stephanie Perkins (12+)

Makani Young thought she left her gruesome past behind in Hawaii when she moved in with her grandma in Nebraska. She enrolls in the local high school and then something strange starts to occur—one by one students are being murdered.  As Makani starts to question her own past as the death toll strikes—the question still exists, who is killing all of these students? 

A Tale Dark and Grimm—By Adam Gidwitz (10+)

Hansel and Gretel take a leave from their own story and enter eight other Grimm original tales—this is one spooky spoof of original fairytales you don’t want your kiddo to miss.