For parents of middle schoolers looking for a great new book–read a sneak preview of DARK LORD: THE EARLY YEARS.

Dirk Lloyd sat down with his slave/author Jamie Thomson and answered some very important questions. Read our interview here.
If you asked him what the worst part of his predicament is, Dirk Lloyd would have a hard time picking just one thing: he is stuck on a strange planet, trapped in the body of a human boy, in small town called Whiteshields, England, living with the Purejoie family, placed in the seventh grade at the local school, and under the thumb of a principal whose name is Mr. Grousammer; people keep telling him that he was in some kind of accident and that's why he's all mixed up; no one even acknowledges that he is the Dark Lord; and he's lost all of his powers of domination and destruction.  
All Dirk wants to do is get home to the Darklands where he can resume his true identity and regain his powers. As Dirk settles into this new life, he finds a small group of friends who may not believe him exactly, but genuinely like him.
DARK LORD releases on October 2nd, but you can read the first five hilarious chapters now. Click here!
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