Back-to-School: Here's a List of Books to Read Before Hitting the Classroom!

Summer is coming to a close, and with it, the start of back-to-school...lucky for us, though, reading is always in season! Reading for as little as half an hour a day can really make a difference in brushing up on skills and comprehension before heading back to the classroom. Here's a list of suggestions for both Middle Grade and YA novels that will keep even the most reluctant readers occupied!

Dog Man Series By: Dav Pilkey
George and Harold have stumbled upon the impossible—a dog man. With a human’s body and a dog’s head this dog man has the scent for justice but also a call to the wild in this fun new middle-grade adventure.  (7+)

Clayton Byrd Goes Underground By: Rita Williams-Garcia
Clayton shares a tight bond with his grandfather and the blues band he belongs in, he even hopes to join them one day and write blues songs of his own. When Clayton’s grandfather passes away and his mom forbids him from playing music Clayton undergoes a journey of self-discovery and reflection in this middle grade story. (8+) 

Once and For All By: Sarah Dessen 
Louna stopped believing in happy endings after her first relationship ended badly, but can flirty heartthrob Ambrose change Louna’s mind? Find out in Sarah Dessen’s new novel. (12+) 

The Lines We Cross By: Randa Abdel-Fatteh 
Michael is an average boy who enjoys hanging out with his friends and playing video games. His parents are involved in an anti-immigrant group and for the longest time it made sense to Michael, that is until he met Mina, a Muslim refugee from Afghanistan. Suddenly, Michael is questioning his parent’s beliefs and his own. When tensions escalate, lines are drawn and both Michael and Mina are forced to make tough life decisions in this poignant young adult novel.  (12+)

Pottymouth and Stoopid By: James Patterson
Best friends Pottymouth and Stoopid set out to change their silly preschool nicknames and take a stand against bullying in this hilarious new book. (8+) 

When Friendship Followed Me Home By: Paul Griffen 
Former foster kid Ben Coffin preferred the company of books to people—that is until he finds a stray dog outside of the library. Ben’s new pal Scruffy leads him to meeting Halley, a girl who makes Ben smile and channel his creative side.  But everything is not as it seems and Ben’s world quickly turns upside down in this story about friendship, loss and the meaning of home. (10+) 

Wonder By: RJ Palacio 
August Pullman was born with a facial indifference and as a result was homeschooled until the fifth grade. As August navigates a new school and new classmates while trying to blend in he comes to realize he was born to stand out. This book has been turned into a movie and will be in theaters in November. (8+)

Finding Mighty By: Sheela Chari 
12-year-old neighbors Myla and Peter go on an adventure to discover a both a missing necklace and a missing brother. Filled with diamond smuggling, graffiti, parkour and angst this story has it all. (10+)
When Dimple Met Rishi By: Sandhya Menon 
Dimple and Rishi are both Indian American teens whose parents are plotting an arranged marriage between the two of them. Dimple is focused on the future and her last concern is finding a boyfriend that mom and dad would approve while Rishi is a hopeless romantic. Opposites clash in this fun romantic comedy perfect for summer reading. (12+)

Crazy House By: James Patterson 
Becca Greenfield is not your normal 17-year-old. For starters, she has been unfairly thrown into jail and given a death sentence. Becca’s only hope is her polar opposite twin sister, Cassie. A rule follower at heart, Cassie is going to need to learn to break them in order to save Becca and quickly because the jailers accidentally arrested the wrong twin.  If you are fan of the Hunger Games series, this is the book for you. (12+) 

The Hate U Give By: Angie Thomas
Sixteen-year-old Starr Carter straddles two worlds—the elite private school she attends and the poorer neighborhood she lives in. When Starr witnesses one of her oldest friends get shot by a police officer, the balance between her two worlds is altered and she must find a way to adapt, her life depends on it. (12+)
The Misadventures of Max Crumbly Locker Hero: Rachel Renee Russell
Max Crumbly is entering a very scary place—Middle School. While his new school has a lot of great things, it also has one scary thing, a bully named Doug. If only he could be like his favorite superhero… Follow Max as he navigates he way through middle school in this fun tale perfect for avoiding the summer slump. (9+)