ReadKiddoRead's Holiday Picks

The air is getting frosty, holiday tunes are already on repeat and hours have been spent brainstorming the perfect gifts for your loved ones—the holiday season is officially here!  Whether you are looking for the perfect picture book for your child, the most “unputdownable” book for your middle schooler, or even a juicy young adult novel for your teenager, ReadKiddoRead is here to help. We've gathered our top choices for all ages to gift this holiday season! 

Picture Books:

Llama Llama Holiday Drama by: Anna Dewdney

Is your little one bursting at the seams for Christmas to finally come? Join Llama (and his mama) as he experiences how to handle holiday season excitement and learns what truly matters most.

A Hat for Mrs. Goldman by: Michelle Edwards

Mrs. Goldman always knits hats for her neighborhood. Young Sophia doesn’t know how to knit and thinks it is very difficult. One day, Sophia realizes that Mrs. Goldman doesn’t have a hat—so she sets out to make her one—easier said than done! 

The Night Before Christmas by: Rachel Isadora

Enjoy this rendition of a classic Christmas poem—Santa wears leopard print pants and has gray dreadlocks. This is one classic tale that you don’t want to miss out on sharing with your family.  

Middle Grade Books

The Tale of Rescue by: Michael J. Rosen

A family ventures from Florida to the Appalachia to experience a snowy holiday weekend. Nearby, a cattle dog is going about her normal routine. When a blizzard strikes and the family is stuck in the snowy drifts, it is up to the cattle dog to save them.

Snow and Rose by: Emily Winfield Martin

This reimagined fairy tale will get your middle schoolers in the holiday spirit. Beautiful illustrations are included in the timeless story of two sisters who live in an enchanted forest. It is up to them to fight terrible spells and restore peace.

The Girl Who Saved Christmas by: Matt Haig

Amelia Wishart was the first child to receive a Christmas present and it was her Christmas spirit that gave Santa the extra energy to fly his sleigh around the world. When Amelia’s mom gets sick, she is forced to work in a wrecked workhouse with unsavory working conditions. When Santa learns about Amelia’s situation and realizes that Christmas spirit is running extremely low, he goes off to find Amelia—the only girl who can save Christmas.

Young Adult Books

The Chaos of Standing Still by: Jessica Brody:

Ryn experiences one chaotic New Year’s Eve. Stuck in the Denver Airport, she is forced to acknowledge her past thanks to a chance romantic encounter, the kindness of strangers and circumstances that are usually mundane, but in this case magical.

Far from the Tree by: Robin Benway

Being the middle child is not an easy task. Add on an adoption, teen pregnancy and foster care and you get to read Far From the Tree, perfect for fans of This Is Us.

I Am Not Your Perfect Mexican Daughter by: Erika L. Sanchez

Julia is not your perfect run of the mill Mexican daughter—that was her sister, Olga’s, job. When Olga is killed in a tragic accident, Julia is left behind to fill the void for her parents. While Julia continues to try and be the perfect daughter amidst all of her grief she discovers that Olga may not have been as perfect as she appeared.